Homes with outdoor patios are seen as having more value when selling in Greenville South Carolina

Concrete Patios


As most landscape designers in Greenville SC will tell you, bridging the harsh gap between indoors and outdoors is the secret to letting the outside in, easing the transition to a comfortable living space filled with natural light, fresh air, and sound of nature. Concrete patios almost always have a place in this lifestyle feature that most of the best properties share in their design plans. Concrete patios offer distinct advantages verse decks and other options.


1. Cost-Effective Ownership

Installing concrete patios is cheaper than installing a wooden deck or fancy tile and stones. This is one of the most significant advantages of using concrete. The price is far less because the installation process requires less labor, materials are generally less expensive, and the product lasts longer.


2. Durability

Patios must withstand broad weather conditions since outdoor spaces are exposed to different weather elements year-round. Having cement patios ensures that the flooring lasts for years without damage, as cement is known for its inherent durability. Concrete patios can last thirty to forty years with regular maintenance and care.


3. Low Maintenance

You can keep concrete patios in attractive shape with minimum maintenance. Weather elements often play a considerable role in eroding outdoor construction materials. Cleaning the floor regularly, managing vegetation growth such as mildew and plants, and sealing materials every few years can extend the lifespan of any flooring. Call us when you feel your concrete can benefit from a quality seal coating.


4. Looks Attractive

Concrete patios have many options in finishing styles, textures, and colors. Solid colors, geometric patterns, blended colors, different stones, and pebbles; the styles are endless to match and complement existing architectures. There are many finishing techniques that make your concrete patio in Greenville SC a highlight of your patio living space.

  • Stamping: Stamped concrete is cheaper than the materials it mimics. Plus, it lets you enjoy the functionality and appeal of other materials without experiencing their cons.
  • Staining: Besides stamping imprints on the concrete, you can also select stained concrete to match the color of your home’s exterior.
  • Embossing: If you want to go for a high-end appearance, you can also choose embossed concrete. The faux finish of the material emulates the appearance of anything from marble to natural stone at a competitive price per square foot.


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