Colored stamped and stained decorative concrete is sure to beautify your home

Stamped and Stained Concrete


Stamped concrete offers the durability of concrete while mimicking the appearance of practically any other material you want. It can replicate many materials, including brick, tile, slate, and wood. That’s why many homeowners prefer using stamped concrete for beautifying sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Although stamped concrete looks like other materials, it’s almost always cheaper and more durable than them making it a great choice for budget constraints as well.


Styles of Stamped Concrete


While most other concrete contractors in Greenville SC have stuck to traditional methods of concrete installation and stamping, we have taken the leap and adopted modern ways. That’s why when you hire us for your concrete Upstate SC area projects you can expect to get a contemporary methodology for the appearance you want. Stamping of the concrete takes place during the stage when the cement is still wet by using rubber stamps to imprint certain patterns onto the concrete slabs.

In most cases, the mold designs are taken from the real material that the concrete is supposed to mimic such as slate, wood planks, and cobblestone are used to stamp the concrete.  Stamping can be done vertically or horizontally, on the exterior or interior of your property too.


Benefits of Stamped concrete compared to other materials


1. Stamped concrete is less expensive

Stamped concrete is less expensive mostly due to it being more economical for contractors to pour concrete than placing individual tile or brick pavers one at a time manually.


2. Stamped Concrete is Easy to Maintain

The only maintenance needed for stamped concrete is a fresh coat of sealer every few years or so. On the other hand, brick pavers can become loose, creating tripping hazards and unsightly plant growth that needs regular attention. Since stamped concrete is one single slab of cement there’s no danger for people tripping like there is with brick pavers. Also, you won’t find any weeds growing through stamped concrete saving you time and money and your yard from excess chemicals.


3. Flexibility

Stamped concrete offers virtually unlimited amounts of patterns and colors to choose from because the result is made from different stamps, stains, and dyes.


4. Marketability

The enhanced visual impact that stained or stamped concrete provides can complement existing color schemes and architecture resulting in enhanced curb appeal to connect with a prospective buyer’s emotions enhancing their interest in purchasing your property if you ever decide to sell. As most Realtors will tell you, if the buyer can visualize their life in your home by being emotionally connected to it, the probability of a sale increases significantly.


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