“Dad, you need a concrete website for Greenville, SC!”


Son: Dad you need a website for your Greenville concrete company.

Me: No I don’t son. I’ve been an honest general contractor in Greenville for decades with people who call me and still even send me Christmas cards.

Son: Dad, you don’t know what you don’t know. What I mean is, not everyone in Greenville knows you. You’re an honest guy who goes above and beyond, I’ve seen it myself, and you have taught me to treat others as I wish to be treated, but you are cheating other people out of the opportunity to work with you!

Me: Umm, OK I guess.

Son: Dad, every concrete listing in Google is not even a concrete company! They are lead-generating companies selling ads to anybody who will buy them. They are tricking people into thinking they are talking to an honest, local, concrete company like you. It’s not fair Dad. You and the customer deserve better!

Me: OK, you win son. Do whatever you do to make a website.


And that is how this Greenville SC Concrete website was born. Still not quite sure how it all works though.


Three Concrete Amigos in Greenville SC