Here is a joke for Honea Path Concrete

A man got sent down to Hell and the Devil offered him a tour of three rooms.

“You can take a peek inside each room, but when you choose one,” the Devil said, “choose wisely, because you’re going to spend the rest of eternity in there.”

The man took a peek inside Door #1. Inside there was a nice field of grass, but there was also a crowd of people moaning in agony as they stood on their heads.

“That looks awful!” the man said. “I’ll try door #2.”

Inside Door #2 was another crowd of people moaning in agony as they stood on their heads, this time on a hard Honea Path concrete floor.

“That looks even worse!” the man said. “I’ll try door #3.”

Inside door #3 was a crowd of people mingling around drinking coffee, chatting and having a good time. They were standing knee deep in a pile of poop, but otherwise it looked pretty good.

“I suppose I’ll get used to the smell,” the man said to the Devil. “I’ll take Door #3.”

“For eternity?” said the Devil.

“For eternity!” said the man.

“You got it,” said the Devil.

The man went over to the coffee machine and poured himself a hot cup. He began to sip the delicious coffee and was about to strike up a chat with a friendly-looking neighbor when the Devil popped back in the room.

“Okay folks!” the Devil said. “Coffee break is over. Back on your heads!”



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