How is concrete made today compared to 100 years ago?

Concrete is made by mixing cement, water, and some type of aggregate (such as sand, ash, and gravel) all over the world and the same way in South Carolina. The process of making concrete has not changed significantly over the past 100 years, although the materials and techniques used have evolved somewhat.

One of the biggest changes in the concrete industry over the past 100 years has been the development of new types of cement. Modern cements are more durable and efficient than those used in the past, and can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements. In addition, advances in concrete admixtures, such as plasticizers and water reducers, have made it possible to produce high-performance concrete with improved workability and durability.

Other changes in the concrete industry over the past 100 years include the development of new types of aggregates, such as recycled concrete, and the use of new construction techniques, such as precast concrete and self-consolidating concrete.

Overall, the production of concrete today is more efficient and environmentally friendly than it was 100 years ago, thanks to advances in materials and techniques.


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