My son went over to check out a Landrum concrete construction project at our neighbor’s and it reminded me of this classic…

Tried to clean up as best I could.  .  .

Little Johnny is bored and asks his dad for something to do.

“Go across the street to that construction site and talk to the workers. Maybe you’ll learn something,” his dad said.

Johnny was gone all day and finally comes home for dinner. During the meal, Johnny’s dad asked, “you were across the street all day, what did you learn about construction?”

Johnny replied, “Well first, you gotta wait for the gd-damned Landrum concrete to get poured. Then you get the beep/beep two by fours framed in. Next, the poop for brains plumber lays in the pipes. Then that Arse with the drywall shows up…”

“JOHNNY! Enough with the language! Go get me switch, I’m gonna tan your hide!” His father yells.

“FU dad, that’s the electrician’s job!”


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