Two well dressed Upstate SC men….

Two well-dressed men are talking at a rooftop bar about 70 stories from the ground floor. They over hear a guy talking about how he’s a hedge fund manager and how much money he makes. One of the well-dressed men mentions to his friend how much he hates hedge fund managers. His friend agrees.
The hedge fund manager makes his way over and asks, “So what do the two of you do for a living?” one of the gentlemen replies, “Well I’m a billionaire, so I don’t really do anything for a living. In fact, I own this building.”
A little daunted, the hedge fund manager replies, “Nice.” He then turns to the other gentleman and asks, “What about you?” The other gentleman replies, “I’m a meteorologist of sorts. I have a fascination with wind currents.”
The hedge fund manager scoffs and says, “That can’t pay very well.” The gentleman replies, “Oh it doesn’t, but this guy here is my best friend, so I don’t need a lot of money.”
The hedge fund manager says, “Tell me a little more about the dynamics of wind you find so fascinating.”
The gentleman responds, “Follow me over to the edge and I’ll try to explain it and give you a demonstration.”
The three of them get to the edge of the roof and the well-dressed man begins his explanation. “You see all these high rise buildings? Well, the wind is constantly blowing between them, but what most people don’t know is that the concrete below heats up during the day and forces a strong up draft. Here I’ll show you.”
He then proceeds to step off the ledge, the hedge fund manager gasps, but can’t look away. The well-dressed gentleman falls about 10 stories and the updraft brings him right back to the roof.
The hedge fund manager exclaims, ” Oh My God, that was awesome! ” The well-dressed man says, “Give it a try.”
The hedge fund manager steps off the edge and falls 70 stories to his Upstate SC concrete slab death.
The well-dressed billionaire shakes his head, looks at his friend and says, “You’re a mean drunk Superman!


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