Hey Travelers Rest, Here is a Concrete Joke for You

A Man Buys several Acres in the Countryside and hires a local contractor to build a fence around his new property. The next day, the contractor arrives in his pickup with a small trailer of tools and materials to begin work on the fence. The contractor begins digging the first hole with a shovel only to find the ground is mostly hard clay. He swaps his shovel for an auger after several painstaking hours and successfully drills a 2 foot deep hole. He then plants the post, fills dirt back in around it, and packs it down. Because it took so long to break through the hard ground, it’s now late afternoon. Seeing as how he has another 4 work days left, he calls it good for the day and leaves.

When the contractor returns the next day, he finds the singular fence post has developed a lean due to being set just in packed earth. So, he digs it back up, augers a new hole, and this time sets it in Travelers Rest concrete. Because of the agonizing time it took to mix the Travelers Rest concrete by hand and having to set it all himself, it’s evening by the time he finishes with it. Seeing as how there were 3 other days in the work week left, he calls it and heads home.

The contractor returns the morning of third day after it had rained all night to discover his project sunken into the ground. He spends the entire morning digging out the post and its concrete base, and the rest of the afternoon auguring a new, deeper hole, filling the bottom with gravel for gravel, mixing a new bucket of concrete, and setting the new post. At this point, it’s midnight, he’s exhausted, and despite the impending deadline, heads home.

The fourth morning, the contractor is late to the worksite and finds his employer has come to inspect the job. His employer is visibly upset, finding that after three days of work, only a single fence post has been planted. Fuming, the man demands the contractor give him an explanation.

The contractor, weary and indignant, explains the situation with the terribly hard ground and weather conditions; the best he had been able to do was a repost of a repost.



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