2 Greer concrete slabs walk into a bar..

They sit down and start discussing how tough they are, until the barman asks what they want.

Concrete 1: I’ll have a pint, and a shot of tequila, because I’m hard! I’m tough and can handle anything!

So the barman gets his drinks and asks the second.

Concrete 2: me? I’ll have 2 pints, and 2 shots of tequila! Because I’m even harder!

The barman complies and makes the drinks.

A few more moments pass with the barman listening to the 2 discussing who’s the most tough, when suddenly the door opens and a tiny piece of tarmac walks through the door.

Both slabs of concrete quickly jump behind the bar and cower, shaking, and hide.

The tarmac walks up to the bar, and softly orders a small orange juice, drinks it then leaves, and the 2 slabs of concrete come back out from behind the bar.

The barman notices all this and says ” hold on, I thought you 2 were the toughest around? Yet, terrified of that tiny piece of tarmac??”

Concrete 1 replies ” we may be tough yes, but the tarmac….that guys a cycle path!”


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We install concrete driveways, foundations, slabs, side walks, and retaining walls.  Currently serving concrete needs across the entire Upstate of South Carolina including Abbeville County, Anderson County, Cherokee County, Greenville County, Greenwood County, Laurens County, McCormack County, Oconee County, Pickens County, Spartanburg County and Union County.